Tuesday, March 24, 2015

M to F

"I want to be who I wish I want to be. I mean. Not wish I want to be; what I am." 

Dee-Vyne "Dee" Valentine, 12, is a male to female transgender. She left her former name, Dante, behind last school year and started the sixth grade in August 2014 with the name she feels represents who she is. Sensing the challenges that lie ahead, her mom, Christina Mays worried about the transition at first. But after educating herself on the high rate of suicides involving transgender people, she decided to do what she could to facilitate her daughter's wishes. 

On her 12th birthday, as her family reminded her to make a wish before blowing out her candles she repeated, "every day, my wises come true." 

Below are the pdfs of what the story looked like in print. A special thank you to the ever talented Kristine Gill for writing this story.