Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Distinctively in Apostrophe Magazine

Distinctively found another home in Apostrophe Magazine. I was really happy about this because it's a magazine for and about people with developmental disabilities. After coming close to the family in Distinctively, I know how important sources like this can be. The twins parents, Jonathan and Kim, didn't have a support system when their daughter was born with Down syndrome. They felt alone and a bit scared. In time, they developed their own support. Their efforts extended the area that the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio covers. They also created a monthly support group for parents of children with developmental disabilities. 

Below is the pdf of what Apostrophe printed in their spring issue.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For USA Today

Last month I worked on a story with Jefferson Graham for USA Today about news in the tech world. We went to the workplaces of Zynga, Path and Karma. My fancy phone was stolen a few months ago, so I've been unable to use any of these phone applications, but being a young adult in this day and age, Words with Friends and Farmville are common subjects of conversation. It was interesting, getting close to the brains behind these applications that bazillions of people devote hours of their day too. At the end of the shoot, I walked home with my fluky old cellphone tucked away and smelled the fresh city air.
 (click on the image above to read the article)

 (click on the image above to read the article)